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"Change Your Coffee Change Your Life -Health, Wealth and Opportunity Awaits You"

"Early detection of a disease is vital - but it is NOT prevention.  Promotion of ones bodily function IS the true prevention of disease.”

Dr. John Friedrichs

Wellness Consultant

Corporate Speaker


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client testimonials

erin s.

"Thank you for helping our company improve our employee wellness offerings.  Your vision and creativity along with your wellness coordinator's have helped us get on the road to wellness and create a working environment of health and enthusiasm."

Linda h.

"Dr. John and ChiroNut has been a wonderful experience for all our employees.  Having chiropractic right here onsite at work has allowed our employees to enjoy affordable and convenient chiropractic care and I am sure it is helping us stay healthier!  Thanks you Dr. John for your vision in creating your onsite chiropractic wellness program!" 

wisconsin spinal rehab

"Your Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center"

health and wellness ​with

Dr. John friedrichs

lori y.

"Thank you so much Dr. John for inspiring me to be a part of your growing Organo Gold team. Without your encouragement I may not have enjoyed the health of OG and now I am earning extra income.  I can't thank you enough for guiding and sharing OG with me! My families future now looks brighter than ever."


"Bringing Chiropractic to the Worksite"

jennifer f.

"I no longer have to take medication for my headaches and I feel much better. Dr. John has done wonders for my neck also. Without his help I would have still been in a lot of pain."

Thank you Dr. John.